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Here at Newman & DiStefano we highly trained and do what ever it takes  to be the best in this industry.

We take pride in our work and additionally offer 24 hour emergency service. Pretty much we are skilled at anything electric and do a an amazing job. Residential electrical jobs are done with speed and percision when doing a new build, and in already standing work we are cognizant of our surroundings as to not effect the appearance of the home.

High Tec_home_security_devices.png
High Tech

High Tech face recognition security systems for home and office.

 Professional Work

Our work quality is second to none

neet wiring.jpg
Commercial Panels New or Replaced

 Electrical Panels are organized perfectly and never over loaded

Residential fire__alarm.jpg
Residential Fire Alarms

We offer wireless and hard wired Residential Fire Alarms

Newman & DiStefano Electrical

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